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Tahirih helps immigrant survivors of gender-based violence obtain immigration status based on the crime. Gender-based violence can encompass many different acts of violence, so long as the man or woman was victimized based on his or her gender. For example, domestic violence, sexual assault, rape, persecution/abuse based on LGBTQ identity are all forms of gender-based violence. Moreover, we would represent someone who has a a claim for political asylum if related to gender-based violence/persecution if the immigrant was being persecuted based on a gender-charged-political rule (for example a woman refusing to wear a hijab where it is legally required). And the crime can occur in the US or abroad. For U visas, we do not have a criteria for the underlying crime, so long as the service seeker was a victim of gender-based violence that would be the qualifying crime of the U.

Who we serve: Crime Victims, Domestic Violence Victims, Everyone, Homeless, LGBT, Men, Minors, Seniors, Sexual Assault Victims, Trafficking Victims, Veterans, Women, Other

Legal Services:
Immigration, Asylum, T-Visa, U Visa, VAWA Self-Petition

Language Service Method: Other, Telephone Translating Service

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