VLNDC Membership Benefits

Local Partnerships

Through the network, a member organization has numerous opportunities to connect to other legal service providers and learn about their services.

Increased Access to Services for Clients

The VLNDC referral process aims to reduce the time and steps it takes a client to reach available and relevant legal services that they may not have otherwise pursued. While the network cannot guarantee legal representation, it reduces the likelihood that a client will contact an organization that cannot address their immediate legal needs. On the other hand, members may see a reduction in the number of referrals they have to make that stem from requests for unavailable services.

Responsive Training Opportunities

Through the VLNDC partnership, members have access to trainings from other network members and national crime victims’ rights organizations on a variety of topics applicable to our work.

National Collaborations

Washington, DC was one of ten jurisdictions across the U.S. funded by the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Office for Victims of Crime for the purpose of creating holistic victim services networks. Members of VLNDC have the opportunity to collaborate with the National Crime Victims Law Institute, the technical assistance provider on the project, and the other networks to share successes, lessons learned, and strategies for ongoing network concerns.